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Volume 14 n. 1-2, 2004


The Opening of the Academic Mind: The Challenges Facing a Culture in Crisis
Suheil Bushrui

Civility and Piety as Foundations of Community
Philip Selznick

The Bábí–Sate Conflict at Shaykh Tabarsí
Siyamak Zabihi-Moghaddam

Book Reviews

Review of Rethinking Humanitarian Intervention: A Fresh Legal Approach Based on Fundamental Ethical Principles in International Law and World Religions by Brian D. Lepard
Dwight N. Bashir

Review of Processes of the Lesser Peace edited by Babak Bahador and Nazila Ghanea
William P. Collins


Waiting at the Gate (oil on canvas, 64 cm. x 76 cm., ca. 1908) Marion Jack