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Volume 3 n. 2, 1990


Selflessness: Congruences between the Cognitive–Developmental Research Program and the Bahá’í Writings
Rhett Diessner

A Bahá’í Approach to the Claim of Exclusivity and Uniqueness in Christianity
S. Fazel and Khazeh Fananapazir

From Copper to Gold: Finding Form
Dorothy F. Gilstrap

Racial Identity and the Patterns of Consolation in the Poetry of Robert Hayden
John S. Hatcher

Exploring Male Oppression from a Family–Systems Perspective
Janet Huggins

Research Note

Mormonism or the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter–day Saints
William P. Collins


Author’s Response to Arash Abizadeh’s Commentary on “On Human Origins: A Bahá’í Perspective”
Craig Loehle


Review of Studies in the Bábí and Bahá’í Religions, Moojan Momen ed.
J. R. I. Cole

Review of Logic and Logos by William Hatcher
Malcolm Sargent