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Volume 7 n. 4, 1997


Improved Access to Intelligent Responses Using the Bahá’í Model of Consultation
John E. Kolstoe

The Proof Based on Establishment (Dalíli-i-Taqrír) and the Proof Based on Verses (Hujjiyyati-i-Ayát): An Introduction to Bahá’í-Muslim Apologetics
Leila and Kavian Milani

An Exploration into the Political Economy of Global Prosperity
Farhad Sabetan

Shoghi Effendi’s Plans for Progress Practical Lessons
June Manning Thomas

Book Reviews

Review of The Great Adventure by Florence Mayberry
Roger M. Dahl

Review of Racial Unity: An Imperative for Social Progress by Richard W. Thomas
Graham Hassall

Review of Ethel Jenner Rosenberg: The Life and Times of England’s Outstanding Pioneer Worker by Robert Weinberg
Peter P. Morgan