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ABS publications include the Journal of Baháʼí Studies, books, study guides, and other resources. The publications offer Baháʼí perspectives on contemporary issues such as peace, human rights, ethics, governance, development, gender equality, the environment, the arts, race and ethnic relations. They also include the study of the Baháʼí teachings, its laws and principles, as well as the history of the Baháʼí Faith, its central figures and the development of the Baháʼí community.

For more than three decades, The Journal of Bahá’í Studies has been publishing articles offering the perspectives of scholars from diverse academic disciplines, correlating the teachings of the Bahá’í Faith to the needs of humanity. Peer review and editorial standards that aspire to foster excellence make it the central outlet for Bahá’í scholarship in North America. The journal welcomes submissions from scholars around the world who wish to demonstrate relationships between their research and Bahá'í principles and teachings.

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From the Editor’s Desk: The Amazing Nashville Baha’i Community in the 1960s
John S. Hatcher

Science and Religion in Dynamic Interplay
Todd Smith

Social Affinity Flow Theory: A New Understanding of Both Human Interaction and the Power of the Baha’i Training Institute Process
Christopher G. Gourdine, Justin R. Edgren, Thomas L. Trice, and Joseph N. Zlatic

The World Grows Blackthorn Walls
Sholeh Wolpè

Three Pines in Winter
Gary Heise

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2013 Knowledge into Action: The Bahá’í Imperative to Serve Humanity

Layli Miller-Muro

2018 Navigating the Discourse on Race within the Politicized Landscape of Journalism

Jesse Washington

2015 The Nature and Dynamics of Oppression, Empowerment, and the Battle against Oppression

Nader Saiedi