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Each year, the Association for Bahá'í Studies supports and promotes a number of seminars. Some seminars are organized around a professional or academic field, while others are interdisciplinary and focus on a theme. Some emerge from existing collaborative projects or working groups, while some are organized by the Association's Committee for Collaborative Initiatives. While the specific programs will vary, these seminars often involve the presentation of research, group discussion, study, and planning for ongoing collaborative initiatives.

We will post here information about upcoming seminars. Check back regularly or join the ABS mailing list for updates.

Questioning Econ101

Virtual Seminar

January 16-18

This seminar, primarily for college and university students, examines assumptions in introductory economics in relation to the principles of the Baha'i Faith. The group will read and consult about a document prepared as a project within the ABS economies working group in an open and collaborative environment. This seminar will be the second meeting of its kind and we are welcoming both new and returning participants.


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